"For unto whomsoever much is given, of her shall be much required..."

 Renaissance men and women still exist. For example, the intrepid Dr. Leonisa Ardizzone is the executive director of The Salvadore Center, a non-profit educational organization centered in New York city dedicated to educating young students and their teachers about architecture, structural engineering and urban design. In addition to her scholarly and philanthropic pursuits, Ardizzone is a wife, mother and...jazz musician. That is an embarrassment of riches.
- All About Jazz – C. Michael Bailey
Like Norah Jones between her first and second recordings. Leonisa Ardizzone relaxes on The Scent of Bitter Almonds. Throughout the disc's twelve songs, Ardizzone explores the breathier elements of her voice, almost crooning the opening "My Romance." She does this with the addition of pianist Jess Jurkovic, who makes her previous quartet a quintet. Jurkovic's presence frees guitarist Jennings to pursue more melodic goals, like his fine filigree playing on the exceptional "Midnight Sun."
Ardizzone is one of those pure artists that kicks it out for the pure joy of doing so. A vocalist with deep chops,
- Midwest Record by Chris Spector
Following up her promising debut of ‘Afraid Of Heights’, Leonisa Ardizzone mixes her sandy-toned voice with the alacric quartet of Chris Jennings/g, Jess Jurkovic/p, Bob Sabin/b and Justin Hines/d to create a worthy sophomore release.
- Jazzweekly.com - George W. Harris
Leonisa Ardizzone has a sweetly swinging vocal style and is ably backed by a fine Quintet.  "Joy Spring" Ardizzone opens with some cool scatting on the hottest track on this album.
- Ejazznews by John Gilbert
Leonisa is a very sensitive and soft-toned singer who doesn’t try to put on any affectations in her delivery—she lets the melody speak for itself...
- Jazz Improv NY By Ray Hoffman
Perhaps one of the hardest-working women I’ve run across.  Ms. Ardizzone is a parent; a teacher and educator, writer…well, she’s got a busy resume.  Go.  Google.  You’ll see.  But she says it’s music and entertaining that “feeds her soul.”
- Girl Singers.com by Doug Boynton
As the executive director of the Salvadori Center, a charitable New York educational foundation, Leonisa Ardizzone is making a real difference in kids' lives. In her alternate life as the leader of the Leonisa Ardizzone Quintet, the talented jazz artist proves that she's a multi-tasker with few equals.
- Blog Critics by Big Geez
Leonisa Ardizzzone has a new album out, and like her initial recording, Afraid of the Heights, the scent of bitter almonds…is an intriguing listening experience. She once again has Chris Jennings on guitar, Bob Sabin, who is replaced on several tracks by Bob Bowen, on bass and Justin Hines on drums, with Jess Jurkovic along on piano for this recording.  This is not simply a vocalist working with a trio, but, as is the case with the widely popular Tierney Sutton Band, Ardizzone seamlessly integrates her vocalizing into the overall musical mix.  Ardizzone is a vocalist who thrives on digging into challenging material, and she graduates with honors.
- Jersey Jazz
Une volonté de tropicaliser certains airs (« Take the ‘A’ Train »), de rechercher des variations alambiquées sur certains autres (« Midnight Sun»), de laisser la place aux musicians qui l’accompagnent, notamment Jess Jurkovic au piano, une voix sans grande énergie, mais convaincante, telles sont les caractéristiques de Leonisa Ardizzone, chanteuse de jazz.
- Jazz Hot 684 - France by Michel Bedin
Leonisa Ardizzone, depending on the song, tends to sound like across between Sade Adu and Carole King, with a touch of Michael Franks. While she is being promoted as a jazz artist, she could easily be a pop or folk artist if she wanted to, as her vocals are quite versatile.
- Book’s List by John Book